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Visual learning plays a key role in the teaching and learning process

At Gaia, we have a real passion for providing the latest technology in both enterprise connectivity and learning tools. Our Gaia 3D software and innovation projects are integral to this.

Our Gaia 3D software is the new generation 3D solution that allows you to explore new frontiers. A tool to enhance the work you do in the classroom. Gaia 3D helps teachers to teach those ‘hard to reach’ concepts whilst engaging students and bringing lesson content to life.

The 3D learning experience places students in virtual environments, allowing them to walk down a street in ancient Rome, visit the outer reaches of the universe or move through the chambers of a beating heart.

Gaia are committed to embracing all new and emerging technologies that offer real benefit to the learning and teaching agenda. Gaia provides a wide range of technology software, bespoke projects and master classes to both the education and corporate sectors.

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What we do

Gaia 3D Software

Gaia 3D SoftwareSome subjects are easier to teach if you can visualise them. Imagine walking down the street during The Great Plague of 1666, experiencing the sights and sounds as the disease takes a grip of London City, visiting the outer reaches of the universe or dissecting a snail. Gaia Technologies have created a 3D learning experience, Gaia 3D, allowing teachers to teach in a more visual, engaging way. Read more.

Gaia Virtual Construction Site

Gaia Virtual Construction SiteGetting access to a live, working construction site for a group of FE or HE students can take considerable time and planning for construction departments. As a result, students can’t spend as much time experiencing the real world of construction as educators would like.

The Gaia Virtual Construction Site software bridges the gap between education and the real world of construction, giving construction students the opportunity to fully explore the environment, tools, materials, machinery and building techniques of a virtual construction site. Read more

Gaia Talking Heads

Gaia Talking HeadsWith no training required teachers or students can operate a virtual avatar, enabling one to one or group discussions with characters from history. Whether it’s discussing the theory of evolution with Charles Darwin, or asking Anne Boleyn about Henry VIII, teachers can fully control, animate and answer as a wide range of characters, increasing pupils’ engagement and interaction with subject matter. Read more.

Application Development

Application DevelopmentThe Gaia 3D team have, using in-house skills, produced and published a number of apps, working either to develop our own apps, or providing the support and guidance necessary for schools to produce their own apps.

With Gaia's support, schools with no resources can design, create and publish their own apps. Where no programming abilities are available we take the slack, so that pupils can concentrate on other aspects of app design, such as deductive reasoning and design.
Read more

Project Based Learning

Project Based LearningUsing Project Based Learning's interdisciplinary approach we weave the use of technology into the syllabus through innovative projects. Most Academy teachers don't argue with the efficacy of the PBL model, they just can't figure out how to manage the logistics, which is where Gaia plays its role by providing industry standard support and participation in projects. Read more.

Corporate Projects

Corporate ProjectsIn order to remain at the cutting edge of technology, a presence in the corporate market is intrinsic to the service Gaia provides to the education sector. We have worked on bespoke technology projects for clients as diverse as Jaguar Land Rover, The Meteorological Society and Bangor University. Read more.

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